Meet 2 of the luckiest kittens on the planet. They were found on Highway 5 on the way to the Lake of the Ozarks. While traveling the good people noticed something dropping from an overpass about 40 feet above them. They turned around and found another good person standing on the overpass, she said that she saw someone throw a kitten out of a moving vehicle. Everyone went to action to find the kitten, meanwhile the lady on the overpass saw the same vehicle roll down a window and threw another kitten out of the moving car. Down on the highway the first kitten was found after cartwheeling 40 feet to the ground. She was crawling and very frightened and in shock. The other kitten was brought down to the highway to be with his sister. Both kittens were not hurt but the day they were found it was 95 degrees and the pavement was probably close to 110 degrees, these kittens would have died in a matter of hours if not found!! They were taken to a house that the good people own and were put in a quiet, cool room with food and water. The good guys went back to the highway and looked for 2 more hours and found no more kitties. Now the kittens have a great home and have been vaccinated and are healthy. The little girl is feisty, loves people and greets everyone she meets. Her brother is a little more reserved but he is a loving guy. They love climbing walls (literally!!) and playing with each other and all their toys. They are a joy to everyone that meets them. Everyone should be thankful that there are still good people out there that will always do the right thing! We know these kittens are and always will be treated with kindness forever.